From medieval times to present day a purse, handbag a receptacle of some kind have been used by people to carry their personal belongings whether it be a few coins to cosmetic items to an animal.

Various materials have been used to create these bags leather, cotton and present day imitation or faux leathers to assemble these accessories. Some kept very simple like a drawstring pouch and others to be adorned with precious and semi-precious stones depending on the status of the person.

Various sizes and shapes have evolved over the centuries with the same purpose intended to carry personal items securely and discreetly whether for everyday use or special occasions.

The handbag quite often is the first noticed piece of accessory to catch the eye of someone. If the bag is stunning or has been promoted by celebrities then it creates a “must have” feeling amongst consumers.

Today it’s the same, we need this versatile piece of accessory to keep our everyday essential items with us like mobile phones, tablets, reading glasses, medications, money and a light (ZaaminTM) and in some instances pets……yes it has been known for some to carry a small dog in a handbag!

So if you would like some help deciding on the right bag for your outfit, or specific need, ZaaminTM Style is a great source of information.