1. Caring for your leather or faux leather handbag using either a baby wipe or other non-abrasive cloth dampened with water to remove surface dirt. Wipe and dry off.
  2. Be mindful of weight of contents and don’t rely on shoulder strap, Use both handles to carry.
  3. To care for your tote light bag follow general leather care instructions as noted above. The light strip is water proof. Replace the AAA batteries as required. If you intend to store the bag for any length of time please switch off the battery box and remove the batteries. Store your handbag in the dust cover provided at time of purchase.
  4. Avoid aggressive or potential bag snatchers by carrying your purse or handbag away from traffic and walk towards oncoming traffic and be mindful of your surroundings and your overall environment. Don’t have your earplugs in if you are walking alone. Have our famous trademarked interior bag light on (ZaaminTM Style Tote Bags) in dimly lit areas to add to your security. If demanded by an attacker let the bag go! It’s not worth personal injury.
  5. Carefully choose your garment for the appropriate occasion. Choose colours to complement your outfit and not detract from it. Lay things out and mix n match until you know it’s right. Make sure of the size of the purse to be practical to carry your phone lipstick (of course!) Tissues comb etc. Dress well and accessorise with ZaaminTM Style to feel great!